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I thought the i-radio station I always listened to had gone down or something; hadn't been able to connect to it for pretty much all this week...

...finally decided to head back to Shoutcast and see if perhaps there was another feed for it. After a quick search for 'Industrial' stations, my fave came up at the top of the list. Hoping beyond hope, I clicked the 'Listen in' button...


sweet, sweet Wumpscut started playing over the speakers! How could this be? Quickly, I compared the IP address to what I had saved as a bookmark. Damned if they weren't almost identical! Almost, save for the last number: 166 vs. 16.

Whut th'...? Had I managed to somehow edit out a six when last I was getting the IP for someone? Seeing's how I rarely disconnect, that would have been from a while ago...

Some days, I wonder about me...

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