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Another weekend come and gone... how do they keep doing that??

A while ago, my mom gave me a book to read - all about blood types and how it relates to diet, exercise, supplements, and so forth. On Saturday, I found out I'm a Type A (RH +/- is apparently not important for my purposes...) right up there with 42% of the country's population. In a nutshell, I should be a vegetarian (high carbohydrate, low fat), engage in gentle exercise such as yoga or golf, and meditate to deal with stress. Apparently my risk factors for cancer and heart disease increase if I eat incorrectly for my type. How exciting!

Bad stuff includes (but is certainly not limited to): Cheddar cheese (you gotta be shittin' me!!), whole wheat bread, all peppers (whut th' ...?!), bananas, mangoes, tomatoes, vinegar, mayonnaise, beer (oh no... no
no no!), distilled liquor (oh, c'mon!!), and soda (of course - like it's really any good for anyone).

Disgusting but good stuff includes: green beans, rice cakes (mmm... cardboard! Even if it's flavoured - ooh! Ranch-flavoured cardboard!)... actually, those are the only things I can find that are beneficial yet repulsive. The worst part is the good stuff that's "restricted".

Saturday night was a standard night out with one exception - a guy from my old workplace and his wife came out to the Warehouse. This was to be something different for them, to be sure! They were a little nervous before getting there, as a phone call asking where we were would testify. I think, all in all, fun was had by everyone... (this denotes a lack of time to complete this entry...)

Far too late already... g'nite!

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