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Here I sit, at work, staring blankly at the computer screen. I have to admit that I've been rather disappointed with the lack of 'humorous' calls received as of late. This is the only one during the entire week that made me shake my head a bit:

C: "Yeah, I can't sign in to my machine. I went away for a while, and now I can't get back in."
Me: "Does it say that your computer has been locked?"
C: "No."
Me: "What does it say?"
C: "It says, 'this computer is in use and has been locked'."
Me: *click*
C: "....hello?"

Well, I guess I can't complain too much. Work's been pretty quiet this last week. Taking the evening shift permanently is going to mean that I won't be able to stay for the upcoming Christmas party, but that's the downside of this shift. I knew that when I took it. I just wish I had better calls that I could post about. If I don't get any soon, I'm going to start making some up. You deserve it.

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OMG, hahahahahaha!! Now, that is taking "brotherly love" to a new level...

S has a tooth coming in! It's actually broken the surface... the first of many.

Anyone who is also on K's friends list has prob'ly guessed that she and I haven't exactly been sharing the sunshine and lollipops lately. Given how things were going, we decided that a break was for the best. We are still living together though, and figured we'd see how things go over the next while before making any further life-altering decisions. It's been a crazy and hard week for the both of us, so thank you all who've lent an ear or a shoulder, as I know we've both needed it.

I do think that this will allow each of us something that we need: to view the other in a different light, with different expectations. I believe that underneath the aspect of "relationship", the basics of "friendship" had been neglected; I'm hoping that this break will give us the chance to change that.

If you have any questions or comments about that, feel free to post them, but please keep it constructive - we've had enough negativity to tide us over for a while.

In other news, physiotherapy is going quite well. I doubt I'll need many more appointments, actually. Things are feeling much better, and I haven't had any sharp neck pains in a while now. This makes me smile.

I'm going to miss that little electro-massage thingy (yes, that is the technical term). Each time after hooking me up, my therapist would leave for a while; each time after she left, I'd turn the intensity up a bit for a while so that my muscles would contract involunarily. This seemed to happen at a level of almost '3'. As I lay there twitching, I'd close my eyes and envision myself as the therapist, with my client being someone I don't like very much. I'd hook them up, have them lie down and get comfortable.

"The straps are just for support," I'd say, smiling surreptitiously as I do up the buckles. "This is going to be fun... let's start this out at, say, seven..."


Yay for free food!! My office neighbor offered to buy if I'd show her "the ropes" of vietnamese food. That was the easiest meal I'd ever earned. The iced coffee is starting to kick in...

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