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I think that, during the upgrades here, they must have also taken the initiative to install better users. I mean, we still get lots of calls, but when was the last time I posted a really stupid call? I've only had one since I've started back to work, and even that one was grasping. If I had to guess, I'd say the stupids were replaced with interrupters, cuz I'm noticing a lot more of that since I've been back.

On Friday, I was given a laptop to hand over to the midnight person for a rebuild. This particular person, due to their shift, was also working all weekend and today. Before going home today, this person passed the laptop back to me so that I may do the build this evening when it's quiet... when it's quiet?! Exactly how busy is it during the midnight hours over the weekend??

It was at this time that I remembered that this particular person was a little miffed about this work being handed over for her to do... funny, then, that she should do the very same thing and hand it over to me. I hate double-standards... with a passion.

Nothin' but work-rants lately. Man, am I boring. I guess that's what happens when I write these entries at work. Well, here's a little something that may be more entertaining.

Doesn't that look just great? You can thank skankasorus and st3v3dav3 for such lovely imagery. You guys rawk!

More delicious recipes like this one can be found here.

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