Diskrepansi (diskrepansi) wrote,

Internet connection is not working. Again. Seems to be happening for only one person around here... me. Again. So, this entry is being written in Notepad. Again.

So... the company I've been employed by for the past six years has been bought out. This information was just recently released to employees, and was just made public a couple of days ago.

The new company apparently has "comparable" benefits. Our agreement came around today to sign. The idea was basically, "sign this or be unemployed." A couple of things I noted:
- no stock purchase
- years of service do not count towards pension benefit accruals

Fab. This "compares" to over $3500 loss of income.

This change of company had better not fuck with my intended application for a mortgage in a few months. I mean, it's a new company, but I'm not in a new job... I hope the bank/lender/whatever sees it that way.

I'm getting really irritable.

On another note, does anyone local have an old Pentium III system they don't want anymore? Specifically, I'm looking for a motherboard with a socket 370... prob'ly not, but it can't hurt to ask. :)
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