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Here it is, just over halfway through the month, and I've barely updated at all... Truly, I have no good excuse. I just haven't felt like it. At all... I haven't updated the pictures either. What the hell have I been doing?? Reading, going out, watching movies...

Perhaps it's a winter thing... I've heard that the reduced amount of natural light can cause extended mood changes in some people. This has never been a problem before, so I'm just not likely to buy this one as a reason for me...

Perhaps it's a Christmas thing... materialism is constantly on the rise, and the whole "spirit of Christmas" has been lost on many. Santa's main purpose now is to ensure increased sales for anyone wanting to use his image, using guilt tactics for not buying everyone you know at least a little something-or-other... it's just a marketer's wet-dream! How about donating a bunch of that well spent money to someone who really needs it? My cat is gonna have a better Christmas than some of these people! ...and have you been in a shopping mall parking lot on a weekend lately?? Season's Beatings!! Whatever happened to the season of love, peace and joy? Every year, it seems to get a little bit worse... makes me just want to hide somewhere until it's all over.

Perhaps it's that ol' desire for a change of pace creeping back again... I thought I ditched that a few months ago, but I think that's starting to make a come-back as of late. Ah well... I've worked through it before, I can do it again... perhaps this upcoming year will include a vacation to somewhere tropical, with surf 'n' sand, and many margaritas! As long as there aren't any bird-eating spiders...!

My god, look at me! I'm eating rice cakes... rice cakes!! With mesquite barbeque flavouring on 'em! I'm sure that pretty much eliminates any health value these may have once had... I'm not even going to read the ingredients.

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