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If you've been able to keep up with all of my oh-so-frequent posts, you'll have a pretty good idea that K and I just bought a house...

...so there I was, standing in the shower, checking out my caulk. I knew it was getting old, but didn't quite notice how yellowed and dirty it had become. Perhaps I simply hadn't really cared before. I picked at it a bit, seeing if I could get some of the grime off; with very little effort, I pulled a piece of my caulk right off! I started to panic - what if it starts to leak, now that I've pulled off parts of my caulk??

Hahah, some days, I'm such a child. Heeeeeee, I said 'caulk'...

(Yes, I know, it's really called "caulking", but that wouldn't be nearly as humorous and juvenile, now would it?)

Got to work today, filled up my mug with something pretending to be coffee, and proceeded onto the elevator to head upstairs for training. Some woman is standing in front of the card scanner and floor numbers.

"Excuse me," says I. She looks over at me; I can tell by her blank expression that this isn't going to go smoothly.

"I just need to pick my floor, please," I continue, and pull forward my ID card in preparation.

I'm not sure if she actually moved, or simply shifted her weight to her other leg...

This had to be one of the people who have called in to the Helpdesk with something so retarded that I had to post it here... now was my chance to smack her silly! Er... sillier. Unfortunately, I really need to keep my job; I just ended up lightly pushing her over to get at the elevator controls.

I really need to win the lottery.

Unpacking everything is still a project in the works, but we should be able to get through much of it over this weekend. Shame that it's snowing - I'm gonna have to put off working on the deck until it's dried up again. Ah well.

Still gotta fix the home computer... some kind of short, prob'ly with grounding. Keeps rebooting/freezing when the front ports are touched. Should get to that this weekend too, I suppose. I just don't feel like putting in actual effort on my own computer after dealing with them all day here at work.

Okay, that was really close...

I just went to rinse out my mug at the sink in the common area. Naturally, I'm wanting to do this with hot water, which means that it'll have to be running for a little while. I reach for the tap, and start to apply pressure against it to push the handle back... when suddenly, I realize that, with mad skillz and great dexterity, I've managed to somehow get the faucet into my sleeve, and am about to unleash a torrent of cold water up my arm.

My brain recoils in horror; fortunately, my body does the same, and I take a half-step back.

Can you imagine?

"Hey, what happened to you?"

"...uh... I peed on my arm."

I think that would be less embarassing.

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