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Oh Holy Christ... I thought I took this role to get away from these people... I'm tooooo tired to handle this shit.

Okay, long dialogue short:

C: "I can't log in to my new computer using the password you sent me."
Me: "Okay, what is the error message that you're getting?"
C: "It says that the new password does not meet the minimum standards for security."
Me: "Okay, so it's allowed you in with the password I sent you, but now it's not taking the new one you're putting in...?"
C: "Yeah, I guess so."
Me: "Okay, what else does it say? Does it give a list of requirements for your new password?"
C: <client reads out remainder of message that gives requirements>
Me: "Okay, so as long as you're following all of those rules, you should be able to change your password."
C: "Okay..." <types stuff in> "...it's still not working."
Me: "What are you trying to change your password to?"
C: <reads new password out>
Me: "...you didn't mention a capital letter in there; is there one?"
C: "Oh, do I need one of those?"
Me: "Nah, that list of requirements you just read to me didn't mention anything about needing a capital letter, did it, you horse's ass...? You have velcro on your shoes, don't you..."

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