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Morning - is there nothing that can be done about this unnatural phenomenon?!

Okay, even if it is natural, that doesn't mean that I have to accept it gracefully... and I don't... I really don't. I was in a mood most foul for most of the day, but tried my best to not let on to co-workers. I think I did a pretty good job of it. Fortunately, one of the guys I work with (a comedian, funny enough) was also in a bad mood; somehow, that made it far more tolerable. Misery truly does love company...

I was taking great pleasure in splitting box seams with the knife... far too much zeal in that to be "healthy", I think. At one point, I was really tempted to repeatedly stab one of the boxes with my exacto knife, but I thought that someone might take that the wrong way...

I've also been noticing that my views on things have become a lot more cynical lately... not to mention, recently, almost militant. The latter has come out lately with the encouragement of alcohol, but I've often found that the drink seems to loose the real inner thoughts. The whole idea that people don't listen unless you hit them with a sledgehammer is very popular locally as well... shit, it used to be that a person would be affected by seeing someone else "hit by a sledgehammer", but it seems now that even that wears off quickly. Ah, look at me - headed for trouble... have no fear, gentle reader, I have no intention of becoming a religious fundamentalist plagued with fanatical views. I'll just stick to the fanatical views, thanks...

Pousse has been very affectionate this eve... I am a firm believer in animals sensing what's going on in the lives of the ones they care about, in terms of how it's affecting them, at any rate. I think the nicest part of it is that their support (when given) is totally genuine. There's no ulterior motive... no deception... no judgment... no question... no double-standards... purely caring... purely concerned.. purely there for you.

I heard something earlier today about anagrams... about Santa being Satan... it just occurred to me - does that mean that incest is nicest? Who comes up with this crap??

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