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OMG, I'm so crazy-insanely tired, it's just... crazy-insane. I'm starting to nod off at my desk. This is not a good thing. Coffee is no longer helping. I think the only way to make it through the day will be to walk around a lot. Actually, that is one way that coffee is still helping - it has made for a couple of trips to the washroom.

Fortunately, I've got some work at one of our remote locations, and that will take up most of my afternoon. Sleep on the train a bit while en route, perhaps. The last couple of nights have been a bit late, and peppered with wake-me-ups.

On the plus-side, I finally finished priming the master bedroom. Just gotta pick up the paint and hopefully get to finish that project off this weekend. Would be nice to get settled in.

Keep forgetting things today. Brain is sleeping without me, I think.

Meeting up with Colin after work today to repair the ramp sections that need it, and make a totally new section after the obliteration of a couple of weeks ago.


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