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Gutty-wuts are tight and anxious and I wanna just pull them all out.

Too much happening. Too much to think about.

Not enough time. Not enough answers.

My own fault. Really shouldn't have taken on something new. Not now. Not yet. The next couple of weeks are going to be busy enough.

Usually I'll wait for things to happen. I have a tendancy to be diplomatic/'suggestive' and usually not all that forward/aggressive. In so many ways, I'm fairly inexperienced at "grabbing life by the horns"... does it always feel this way?

Yes, this is kind of (read: "very") cryptic, and it does deal with a few things all at the same time. I guess I have this to say about various things:
- I'm not sure how else to find out except to just do it. Talking just keeps it theoretical. Even so, it prob'ly should have waited.
- There was a window of opportunity that I don't think would last long. I hope that, by taking it, I haven't messed things up with more than one person.
- I was so tired of just listening, listening, listening... if I'm going to give someone that much of my time to spout their beliefs/feelings, I'd better get the same in return if and when I actually feel like expressing my thoughts. If I'm going to respect someone's right to their own opinion, I'd better be given the same respect in return.
- fell victim to my own presumption, I think. Hard to say; was hard to see from an outside view. Very displeased at me about that. Very.
- I don't know of anyone who likes being told that the fate of their future will be handed to them "tomorrow". Okay, that's a tad dramatic... but I hate sitting here in suspense when an answer is available but simply being withheld.
- going to miss the fam when I'm away. Lots.

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