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It is now 1 hour and 48 minutes into the day of Christmas... I was told that once the day was upon me that perhaps I would have feelings about the whole occasion. I can only surmise that this assumption was afflicted upon me by some poor Christian soul...

I got my pics back from the VNV Nation concert... I'll have them up soon, I promise!! (define 'soon'...) They didn't turn out too badly, all things considered... in truth, I didn't expect any of them to turn out properly...

My cat is sleeping again. She sleeps a lot. Based on "sleeping a lot" I would have been concerned a long time ago... I had someone once tell me that "a cat sleeping too much in old age means that there's not.... much left in them." Well, I'd hate to disappoint the critics, but despite such a diagnosis, Pousse has had a long and very comfortable life! Personally, I don't think it's near an end - there's just nothing else to do around here! Tara picked up some toys for her, which, I'm sure once Pousse gets used to, will provide many hours of entertainment - for Pousse as well as myself in watching her! :)

[this space separated for a reason...]

Never have I felt this... never have I been so happily by myself, and perfectly alone. The sanctity and the candlelight, supported by my view of the mass purchasing insanity. I talked to my mother tonight as well... I feel even more justified in my feelings knowing that, as of late, my mom has felt the same... please note that she does not necessarily agree with my methods... does it matter? By the way, this time, that I thought sacred to family, is being spent with The Pousse... truly, a closer family member you will not find amongst our group.

[what's the reason, you ask? I'm not sure either, anymore... but I know it was gonna hurt! Perhaps I'm slipping again...]

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