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Jebus, I just got a compliment from my boss about my timesheet... positive feedback about something so mundane? Insanity, I tell you! I like it.

Now that I'm settled in to this job, I'm hoping to get a bit more writing done. Actually, I've had a couple of sizeable entries typed up, but... for some reason, instead of the usual practice of putting it first into Notepad, I typed it directly into the LJ form. After hitting the Update Journal button, it went a li'l something like this:

Internet Explorer: *yawn* uhhhh..... my head... ugh. ......wha'? You wan' me to... awferfuxake, awright. Uh... okay, okay. You wan' me to go to...... send...... what? Pffffhhhh... I dunno what yer talkin' about. Error sumthin'or'other. Yeah, sure, we can go back a page, I got it here somewhere. There ya go. And I even cleared out all that junk that was there a minute ago. You can thank me lat


Me: Hello, HelpDesk? Yeah, I need a new monitor again. Yeah... yeah... I know! Second one this week that just spontaneously shattered. I dunno... made in Taiwan, I guess. Yeah, thanks.

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