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Oh fer..... GAAAAHHHH!!!

You have got to be fookin' kidding me...

Been working on some lengthy batch files over the last couple of days; pushing files to remote computers, initiating schedules for silent installs, that sort of crap.

Had them all saved on the C:\ as well as all copied onto buddy's thumbdrive. Brought my own thumbdrive in to work today, so I cleared off what was on his. Just a couple of minutes before I was going to copy the files to my own drive, a Helpdesk guy turned up to install some software on my computer that I've been waiting about a month for.

"Okay," says I, "have at 'er."

HD-Guy goes through the installation, and then asks if it's okay to restart the computer. I'm not sure why it needs a restart - I've installed the same software before, albeit a slightly older version.

Are you giggling to yourself over where this is going?? Bite me.

HD-Guy restarts the computer... not paying a whole lot of attention to it, I wasn't sure if I'd seen correctly when it seemed to restart yet again. HD-Guy makes an odd noise. Certain animals, had they been present, may have slightly cocked their heads to one side at this point.

Going through startup a couple of times, the computer is now blue screening during bootup, though it's just flashing quickly before rebooting; can't tell what the problem is.

Years of working Helpdesk has taught me how annoying it is to have someone interject while looking over your shoulder, so I'm trying soooooooo hard not to make suggestions 'n' such. Painful. Truly painful.

HD-Guy absconded with my computer back to the Pit of Despair. Perhaps the idea was to torture the problem out of it. I highly recommend turning it up to 50.

They have advised me that a full rebuild is now required. They'll try to get my data off of C:\.


Yes, yes... I should have had the files backed up elsewhere, or how 'bout not delete them from buddy's drive before they were copied onto my own. Spare me the lecture - I've heard it from me already.

HD-Guy even removed my drive from the USB port in case the problem was that the 'puter was trying to boot off of it - that's how close I was to having backups again.


...at least I have printouts...

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