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Warning: this entry compatible with LiveJournal

It's been quite a while since I've mirrored my journal entries to LiveJournal... I believe, actually, that it's been only once since shit hit the fan after I wrote a commentary - god forbid, my opinion - which was then used to manipulate a few people and attempt to hurt one specifically. Ironically enough, the only other post after that was over a month later, and had to do with thinking about where we get our information from, and how inaccurate it may be. I hadn't seen the 'connection' at the time, but looking back on it gives me a little smile. Very little... whoop! It's gone...

Well, quick catch-up for anyone who may read my LJ posts but not the ones on my site. Work is a mess but may be looking up; my manager has been replaced, our team lead may be taking another position, which opens that position up for me (so I won't have to do this crappy job anymore!), which opens up my current position for someone else, who also has to learn my previous position since I'm the backup for that one still... well, really, that's the only thing that's happened that I can sum up so quickly; if you're really interested, read my site journal...

My birthday pics have been posted... again, they're on my site in the Metaphors section.

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