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Okay, it's most of the way through May already, and I still haven't stumbled across a picture for the top of this page... oh well, I guess May will just have to stay blank.

Yay! Survived another May Long Weekend! No bruises, cuts or scratches... I know, I know: "what the hell were you doing out there?! It couldn't have been much fun if there were no injuries!" Au contraire, my blood-thirsty friend... a good time was indeed had! I won't go into detail here - you'll have to wait until I get the pictures developed; shouldn't be later than this weekend. I actually took pictures beyond the first 15 minutes this year!

Well, I just finished talking to my mom and bro... his 18th birthday is coming up soon! Next Monday, as a matter of fact. I think there may even be a plan to go and pick him up, bring him into town to head out for the night, and get him back home in rather rough shape by the next day. He'd mentioned already having gone to a local tavern and playing a bit of pool - there's hope for him yet! haha...

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