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Exciting news on the work-front! For today and tomorrow, and for all of June, I've been moved upstairs to the HelpDesk to be an SDA! That means that I'll be going to clients' desks to help them with their computer problems, as long as it's software-based. Most excellent! This is more the kind of work that I used to do, that I want to be doing again. Next week I'm back again in IMAC though, but it's only for the week.

On the negative side, a couple of people I work with have been laid off - they were told this morning at 10:00. What a terrible time for it - jobs in this industry seem sparse at the moment... I also feel badly for the IMAC team lead guy, since, at the moment, there are no concrete plans to fill the spot I'll be leaving behind, and knowing how things go, I'm not sure if I'll be back into that role after June or not. IMAC is already busy enough without losing one person and having to train someone new. Worse than that, I'm the backup for effectively four of the other roles within the IMAC area, two of which now require backup since the person who did them was just let go... timing is everything, isn't it?

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I took the
What Mythological Creature Are you?
test by peacefulchaos!


I only had two hours at the HelpDesk today, but even in that short amount of time, I could feel the relaxed nature of the job. In fact, two of the three other SDAs didn't even leave their desks all afternoon.  We schedule
our own work, as long as it's done within the four day timeframe... I think I'll be able to handle this!

The May Long Weekend pictures may not be available by this weekend... I didn't bother paying the premium to get the faster service, so I'll prob'ly get them back on Monday. Ah well, I usually don't have much time on weekends to update anyway, so that works out for the best.

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I had some absinthe last night for the first time... potent stuff! It's listed at 70% alc/vol... one ounce of that stuff is like 12-14 bottles of beer! Good thing I only had a couple of sips...
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