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...was on my way home after picking up the kidlet yesterday; had her up on my shoulders cuz she really enjoys that. Good view, I guess.

Came to the intersection we pass almost every day - a main four-lane road intersected by a two-lane community feed. We crossed the two-lane road, no problem.

From the corner, we checked for cars coming (I include the kidlet in this) and determined that there was only one truck on the far two-lane road that was stopped already; we were good to go.

As we approached the second lane, the truck started its turn...

"...impatient," thought I, and kept walking. It started to pick up some speed, but we continued forward - sometimes people turn into the far lane, but regardless, if I had to get out of the way, going forward was now closer and certainly easier. The truck kept coming.

I had to run a couple of steps to get out of this guy's way! He made no effort to slow down, and did not stop afterwards either. Drove on down the road and changed lanes...

He came within a couple of feet of hitting me and my daughter. I have no idea why; we were not dawdling, nor were we speed-walking. Even had we been doing either, this would not be justified. If the sun was in his eyes, then perhaps he should not have been going through an intersection when he could not see properly.

Daydreaming, maybe? I dunno.

My point is - if you are driving a vehicle, you are in control of a large and very heavy object that can quite easily harm or kill someone. Please, please, please drive with due care!

...what if, in my place, there had been a couple of kids chatting on their way home after school?
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