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It's been a while since I've put in a decent update - time for a rant...

First of all, I've had a few responses, but the contest is still on! A free DVD (Spy Game) to the tenth person - anyone - who writes to me! The rules are simple:

1. You must write to me via e-mail... no guestbook entries or ICQ/MSN messages. Yes, LJ replies will count, cuz I get an e-mail from those.

2. Only one e-mail per person.

3. If you're someone I don't know, please indicate how you came to know about this little contest.

Listening to: Corvus Corax - Skudrinka
Drinking: the sweet, sweet sounds... oh! Water...

After having checked my balance over the automated phone system, I decided to pay off my membership fees with my credit card instead of waiting for the monthly payments to run their course. Due to corporate structure, the authorization form had to be faxed to another office for processing - "no problem," thought I. A few days later, I received a call from the travel agency, indicating that my credit card had been declined! In an attempt to get to the bottom of this mystery, I immediately called the credit card 1-800 number... after fighting through the automated system, I finally reached a live human being (although it wasn't going to take too long before I'd wished I hadn't). Apparently some hotel/motel had preauthorized over $750 on my account! When asked which hotel/motel it was, they said that they didn't have that information... my next question was how that could be, to which I was told that I "...obviously don't understand how a credit card works." (Fuck you and your high horse, thought I...) It would seem that the information doesn't come through until the charges are finalized - all the preauth does is verify that the funds are available, and puts a hold on them. Well, wasn't that just fuckin' dandy?! Just because some fucknut in some hotel/motel prob'ly punched in the wrong account number, I could barely use my credit! Worse yet, I couldn't find out which hotel/motel this fucknut works in!! On top of that, the preauth amount is held for five days before having to be legally released. Good thing I had a firm grip on my ankles for that one... it never did get charged through - just stuck around for the five days and caused some havoc in having to juggle funds around.

*wheeze* *hack* ...still coughin' up a lung. It's been almost two weeks since this started. I should prob'ly go see a quack... uh, doctor... oops! Did I just let on to how much faith I put in the medical industry?

Oh boy - look kids! Look what Slaveway's got! It's a new flavour of Sobe - all new Lizard Lava! A special strawberry daiquiri flavoured beverage with aloe vera! Mmmm...

waitaminit... this stuff is made in the US, yes? South Beach Beverage Co., Inc. 40 Richards Ave., Norwalk, CT 06854.

And yet they're spelling "flavoured" with a "u"? Can't these Americans be consistent when they start changing the spelling of words?

Just got back from the aforementioned travel club... feels good to have that all settled - no more monthly payments! And they gave me a discount for paying it off in cash... yay! That much closer to being debt free once again!

I seem to have been involved in a fair bit of talk about traveling and/or moving as of late - and I do mean 'a fair bit'. This doesn't come from just one or two people, but four that I can readily think of. Talk of restlessness, uncertainties and unhappiness ...of having itchy feet, wanting to see new places, needing to get away. Although I had vague plans anyway, these discussions have prompted me to look into my available vacation time. I had no idea how much confusion would ensue...

There was no 'official' record at work of who was taking what dates for their vacation days that were already booked. I had to hash it out with four other people as to who was off when, and who was required to cover whom, etc. After almost 15 minutes, the muddy water that was our vacation schedule was tamed down to a merely murky pool...

This morning, I found a message waiting for me on ICQ. Apparently, my green laces mean that I am a tree hugger. I wonder if it matters that they're green and black? Does that mean I kill them, then hug them? Or that I hug them while someone is cutting them down? I suppose if I have to have some symbol attached to my boot laces, that's not a bad one to have overall...

I have no quiz for you today, but have no fear! It's time for a movie! Don't ask... I didn't make it.

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