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Ooooookay, that was two and a half days of nothin' but fun!! At least now all the ITIL training/testing is done and over with. Now, back to our regularly scheduled studying for the Server+ exam...

Speaking of, anyone got a decent study guide for Server+ 2005? Our current online courses suck ass. Lots. I'd already taken the courses online, but then my results history got wiped out during a system upgrade; lucky me, I got to take the courses all over again on my own time. Anyway, the 'new' courses are lacking much of the information that the previous ones had, and the PrepTest is asking questions that weren't covered... help, anyone?

Been so busy lately; I'm starting to feel, at least, that the house is getting to where I want it, what with newly painted walls, some new baseboards, etc. Slowly, but surely...
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