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I had something truly awesome to write about, but... it was sooooo good that someone else took the idea and ran with it. As in - away. Alas. I shall now inundate you with drivel...

Why the hell is it that things that should occur so often that they actually have the word "common" associated with them... don't.


I am hereby putting forward a motion to have these altered. I want to change the names of these traits. If all of you would kindly come on-board, I'd be most grateful.

In order to maintain the original meaning, these phrases will have the prefix "un-" attached. I proudly present:

Uncommon courtesy.
Uncommon decency.
Uncommon sense.

These terms will now take on the roles of their previously "common" ilk, so as to indicate that someone is being considerate, polite or thoughtful of others, or actually has some sound practical intelligence; ie. not being a pushy, selfish, ignorant douchebag. (I take public transit daily; does it show??)

The "common" terms will now mean...... well, use your uncommon sense; I'm sure you'll figure it out.

You with me? Tickets, please.

On the work-front: two more of our team have taken jobs elsewhere. This means the rest of us will be taking on their workload until the positions are filled and the newbies brought up to speed. I wonder if this means that we'll also be taking on their salaries.

...........HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAA!! I kill me!

Yes, yes, I know - "someone should." You're such a jerk; I can't believe you just said that!

Speaking of, anyone want a job? I'd say we're hiring... though if you were one of the aforementioned jerks, don't even bother. I am the Grand Poobah and will discredit your sorry ass on the grounds of "common decency". Just you watch.

Are you watching?

Jebus, what did they put in this coffee?!

uhmmm........ I should prob'ly get back to work.

Okay, that is all.
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