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ugh, The Tired is catching up with me... already. Going through OS-patching this week plus being on-call makes for odd work-hours and nightly interruptions.

Think of the paycheque.
Think of the paycheque.
Think of the paycheque.

...it's not helping.

Today's theme music: station-break broadcast tones. This is mildly irritating.

Gotta pick up a new daypack and a headband today; I think I'll head over to MEC in a bit.

Haven't heard anything yet as to whether kidlet will be going over to K's this weekend... seeing's how it's already Thursday, I guess I'll just proceed as though she's not. If I do that, however, Murphy's Law dictates that I will receive a phone call shortly after making plans.

Well, speak of the devil and she shall appear on MSN... though no mention of kidlet. Proceed as planned.

Went to MEC, picked up a couple of daypacks - one for me, one for kidlet stuffs. And one headband for moi.

Brain fuzzy; end of post.

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