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Join the herd!!

Age: 35

Hair Colour: Dirty blond, though easily sun-bleached.

Tattoos: none... wth??

Piercings: three, all in the ears.

Shaved: trimmed?

Masturbate: NO. ......hahahahahahahaha


Men or Women: Women, but (some) men can be fun to fool around with; kissin', that kinda stuffs.

Vibe or Dildo: ............uh....

Favourite Sexual Position: y'know, it really does depend... some are great but require lots of energy... others are nice and "laid" back... and really, doesn't mood count for anything?

Favourite Masturbation Technique: uh... jerk jerk spunk...? Okay, okay... jerk jerk jerk jerk jerk jerk jerk jerk jerk jerk jerk jerk jerk jerk jerk jerk jerk jerk jerk jerk jerk jerk jerk jerk jerk jerk jerk jerk jerk jerk jerk jerk jerk jerk jerk jerk jerk jerk jerk jerk jerk jerk jerk jerk jerk jerk jerk spunk spunk spunk spunk

Vaginal or Anal: jeez, I hope so... I mean, the other stuffs are okay too, but... just not quite the same. Aaaalright - vag... tried anal; too much work for...?

Spit or Swallow: uh, we talkin' about gum here??

Sexual Ambition: I think I've done pretty much anything I've wanted to get "out of the way".

Porn: I can take it or leave it, or laugh at it... all depends on the company and intent.

Favourite Part of A Female: honestly, it depends on the female... I can't say I have a 'part' that I look for in particular. If I had to pick one? .....eyes; they make or break.

Favourite Part of A Male: given my interest in males, face/eyes definitely.

Famous Female You Would Most Like To Have Sex With: Two problems with this... 1) I generally like to, y'know, talk to someone before boinkin'... and 2) I have to pick just one?!

Famous Male You Would Most Like To Have Sex With: not really interested in sex... but as above, foolin' around? again, same two problems as with famous women...


Had Oral Sex: (give and take) yes and yes

Had Anal Sex: (give and take) yes and yes

Used More Than 3 Positions In One Session: srsly??

Devoted A Whole Day To Sex: devoted - no. end up happening - yes.

Had Noise Complaints From Neighbours During A Sex Session: no, but I tend (used to) to tame my neighbours with rampant subwoofer action.

Had Sex Whilst Totally Dressed: yes, but maybe twice(??); my nudist tendencies take over...

Had Sex Whilst Standing Up: ayup.

Received Open Praise For Sexual Technique: ayup.

Had A Menage-a-Trois: ayup ayup ayup.

Had Group Sex (More Than 3): ayup.

Participated In A Swap/Swinging Club: no

Had Sex In A Public Place: ayup.

Had Cyber Sex: no. I just don't get this one. Srsly. I didn't get it with a 300bps modem, and I still don't get it now... speed is therefore not an issue.

Had An Orgasm During Cyber Sex: Uh... I'd have to... umm. I think this question is biased.

Had Sex With An LJ User: does that count if it was before they were an LJ user? or... oh, never mind... yes, both ways.

If Yes Would You Do It Again: Some yes, some no.

Are You A Member Of The Mile High Club: alas, no.

Had Sex In The Host’s Bedroom While An Overnight Guest: er... technically, yes.

Had Sex At Your Office Or Other Work Area: does masturbating count??

Had Sex During A 'Monthly Visit': I've never been in 'the joint'. ......oh! The other monthly visit... yes.

Had Sex In The Water: ayup.

Obtained Money Or A Favour For Sex: erm... I've been "bribed" - ie. "I'll bring over a case of beer" while knowing full-well where it would go, therefore the alcohol wasn't really a factor (tho it really helped); does it count if the person is doing things for you just so they'll be around?

Given Sex In Sympathy: read above... tho is that sympathy or using?

Had Sex In A Cemetery: no.

Most Embarrassing Sexual Moment: umm... usually don't get embarrassed by that kinda stuff. I'm a li'l off on what I get embarrassed about...

Best Sexual Moment: remember at the top where it said "spunk spunk spunk"? well........

Do You Believe In Female Ejaculation: this makes it sound like something to classify up there with Santa Bunny and the Easter Claus.

Written An Erotic Story: "Holy fuck, mom! You'll never guess what happened to me last night!!"

Looked At A Nude/Explicit Magazine: They have those kinds of things?!

Seen A Live Stripper: I tried to see a dead one once, but the police line was rather formidable. Does being in a shower on-stage with one rubbing soap on me count as "seeing"??

Stripped For Someone: only in the course of gettin' nekkid!

Watched A Porn Film With A Sexual Partner: ayup.

Been Photographed In The Nude: not that I'm aware of. Almost tho. Good thing for covers. (you can thank me now)

Been Videotaped Having Sex: hahahahno.


Erotically Licked Feet Or Sucked Toes: had it/tried it... s'okay, though still pathologically concerned about cleanliness...

Used Whipped Cream/Chocolate Erotically : yep/yep... meh.

Used Hot Melted Wax Erotically: used? no. seen? ayup - held no interest.

Used Ice Erotically: ayup, s'okay.

Role-played A Sexual Situation: nope, too much into the 'real'.

Used A Blindfold During Sex: yep/yep... s'okay to give, didn't like the lack of visual when used on me.

Used Handcuffs During Sex: not cuffs, but have tied/been tied... again, meh.

Used Whip, Chains, Cat O’ Nine Tails etc During Sex: nope.

Received An Electric Shock During Sex: have you seen my hair??

Inflicted/Received Pain During Sex: ayup, but not the way I'm sure that this question is asking...

Worn A Corset: .....not....lately...

Worshiped Boots: hahah, was "demanded" to a couple of times... but if you know me, you'll know how well that went over.

Been Gagged: with a whole bag o' "shhh!"

Been Cut: Hellz no. Pick my scabs, sure... don't give me new ones.
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