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I taste just like candy!

Arrr, okay, I don't really... well, no candy that I've ever tasted before. But I can't get that song outta my head! What the hell...?

Hey li'l girl, want a lollipop?


Y'know when people are pouring particular drinks, let's say - tea, how they start the pour close to the receiving container (cup) and then, for some unfathomable reason, raise the pouring container (teapot) higher and higher, all the while risking great splashiness and wetness leading to much embarassment. Why do they do this? I've never understood the rationale behind this action, except perhaps to show off one's Mad Pouring Skillz in a vain attempt to impress an underachieving first date.

I just got myself a coffee. I tend to use that multi-function, all-in-one liquid flavour/sweetener/whitener (so much better than that single-use stuff; who has time to put three different products in their coffee?? Not to mention possible compatibility issues). While pouring my International Delight French Vanilla coffee whitener (with natural and artificial flavours) into my Mug of Goodness, I realized that I was performing the rather inexplicable action.

I wasn't on a date. There weren't even any hot-but-nerdy accounting babes in the general vicinity.

I've already signed myself up for therapy. Pray for me, crutches, pray for me gooood.

And what, exactly, is an "artificial flavour"? Does it have a taste?? Well, great - then it's a real flavour!

...unless the wording is similar to: "artificial banana flavour". I would take this to mean that it tastes like an artificial banana, which (I suspect) would often be pretty much the same as tasting like "natural plastic".

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