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Warning: mood most foul...

Work isn't all that busy today, so I'm writing most of this during spare time here and there throughout the day.

I didn't date much in high school. In fact, I only "went out" (was serious with? I really don't like dating terminology... it tends to be inconsistent and inexact) with three girls throughout my 'high school career'. I wanted to be with someone "special"; to test the waters of friendship before dating, not date to test the waters, if that makes sense. While our friendship worked well, when it came to something more, my first two girlfriends just didn't "have it". Sandra, however, definitely did! I was drawn in and captivated - she was my first love. I was amazed by her... I couldn't believe she was with me - me of all people! I remember being so happy when we got promise rings. I remember being very upset that she was going to Saskatchewan that summer, and so relieved each time we talked on the phone. I remember being elated that she was coming back - I couldn't wait! I remember the disappointment when she was too busy to do anything, and how crushed, how totally devastated, I was when we no longer talked. I remember... no resolution, no closure.

Enough reminiscing. Let's move on to this morning now, shall we?

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