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Dearest El-Jay,

I have been sorely neglecting you as of late. And then a while before that. Possibly some before that as well. The "low" times of life remove any desire to write. Moreso, any desire to write things that would be publicly shared. You should have seen what was previously drafted here... oh my. I'm glad that's over with.

My eyes are dry. Stupid winter and its lower humidity in this already dry climate.

Fucking holiday! Why is it that whenever I tell someone that I don't really celebrate Christmas because I'm not religious, they give me a bewildered look and answer with something like, "....so?"

I am not religious, and therefore do not follow Christ. No one asks me why I don't observe Hannukah, Setsubun or Rhamadan. In fact, there's a whole fucking list of holidays that no one bothers me about. Why is it not good enough that I'm not a Christian? If I was Jewish, Buddist, Muslim or a Jehovah's Witness, I wouldn't be receiving additional questioning about my reasoning. Why is it only a "valid reason" if I have something to push back with; ie. other beliefs as opposed to non-belief?

I also do not agree with the overwhelming materialistic marketing emphasis that has been placed on this holiday of "love and caring". What the fuck do material possessions have to do with showing someone you care?? The only real link here is what marketers have pushed into society, and they've done so because they're trying to increase their sales.

I've even heard "that's crazy" to not observe Christmas. Wanna see crazy? Go to your local shopping mall around this time of year. Try to find a parking spot, then meander (push, shove and get all angsty) through the building looking for that "perfect gift" that every store offers. That is fucking crazy.

But then - oh, the insanity is not over yet, my hypertense friends! - return to that very shopping mall after The Magical Day is over to witness (with more pushing, shoving and angstiness) all the returns and exchanges of those "perfect gifts" and the mad scramble for the Oh-These-Didn't-Sell-Like-We'd-Hoped-And-So-They're-On-Sale items. Bravo, Baby Jesus must be very proud of his flock.

And what's with constantly using Santa, an icon of giving, as a marketing gimmick? If Santa's really going to be associated with KFC, shouldn't they be handing out the chicken in a true Santa manner?? More bullshit to simply increase their revenue.


Perhaps this will emphasize the point... Just got back from the washroom. Overheard a conversation:
"So, you all ready for Christmas?"
"Yep! Everything's all wrapped and under the tree!"

I guess that's what it takes to be "all ready".


I do not want any gifts. None. Chances are good that if there's something I want, I've already got it. If money absolutely must be spent "in my name", then please give it to a local charity under my name.

If you want me to know that you care, tell me. And y'know what? That doesn't have to only be at this time of the year - I'm available for such things over the entire calendar year! I'm flexible that way; I'm here for you! ;)

EDITED TO ADD: just noticed the title of an LJ community post: "Need a Wii for Christmas?"


...funny smell in the office today. And by "funny" I mean "horrible". Not sure if that's some funky food or someone's ass. Or maybe a wonderous combination of both.

I've noticed lately that S is becoming more cognisant of key people having a lack of presence in her life. It's sad to hear, and sometimes difficult to provide an explanation that won't, even inadvertently, lay blame. Especially when, in typical three-year-old fashion, the question "why" is returned... repeatedly. So far, I've been relying on the ol' "I don't know" standby.

I "slipped up" once and said that people were just busy. Doesn't sound so horrible, does it? I didn't even think about it.

The answer I got was, "oh... yeah, they too busy to see me."


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