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I suppose a quick update wouldn't kill me...

Got a tentative promotion at work to Team Lead. Now, instead of knowing my own job, I have to get to know the entire team's jobs, at least on a basic level. Loads of details to learn, e-mail to catch up on, approvals, reports, meetings, change requests, timesheets. So busy right now with all this "getting up to speed"; I'll be glad once the learning stuff is over and I get the hang of it... I say 'tentative' because our client has yet to approve; but their only other option is to have us bring someone in from outside the account, and possibly from outside the company. Clearly, my advantage is that I already have a couple of years experience onsite to know (a fair bit of) the environment.

Also have a bunch of training to get through - some of it previously signed up for that I was in the middle of, and some now assigned due to my new role.

Almost done painting the upstairs hallway, just finishing up on doorframes and hard-to-reach places. Seems to take so long, but I guess it does when ya only do a bit at a time.

Kidlet is just getting over a bout of chicken pox. Not so bad, mainly just itchy.

Stunt season is coming up in a few months. Not sure what I'm going to do with S for those dates...

Wishing I had more time to spend with friends.


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