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I am a human construct.

Had a massive "must-have-springroll" attack today; fortunately, the local vietnamese restaurant was very understanding. I'm sure they didn't really mean that part about a restraining order.

It was a good weekend, this last one. Finished installing the new floor in the living room; went out for pool and drinks (for the love of god - WHY THE SHOOTERS?!). I really should have caught the last train home, but it's so inconveniently timed before the drinks are cut off! Somebody clearly didn't think this one through properly. I'm guessing it was prob'ly me... but until that's officially determined, I'm gonna blame Calgary Transit. Fortunately, the first train runs again around 6:30am, but that's a long time to wait when yer tired... and slightly tipsy. YES, "TIPSY!" I'm stickin' with that.

On the plus-side: met someone new who seems to be pretty supah-coo'. Funny how people can have an overlapping circle of friends, and yet have not met each other.

Blarg! How can such intelligent people be so dumb?! SRSLY, how do these people graduate from school??

Jebus, how did that get in my ear??

Need to study this week; have an exam this upcoming Friday. It would be prudent, I think, to know the required material.

My promotion is official. Three more and I shall rule the world! Be nice to me now - it may help you out later.

I need to go for a walk... mind is starting to spin.

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