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teacher asks a question: "there are four birds sitting on a wire and a gunshot goes off. how many birds are left?"
little johnny says "no birds are left because at the sound of the gunshot all of the birds will scatter."
teacher says "well actually, there are three birds left, but i like the way you think."
little johnny says "i have a question for you now."
teacher says "alright johnny what is it?"
little johnny asks "three woman are sitting on a park bench, they're all eating ice cream cones. the first one is licking it gently, the second one is biting the hell out of it and the third one is engulfing it in her face. which one's married?"
teacher blushes a little, gets a bit flustered and replies "the first one i would think."
johnny says "well actually, it's the one with a ring on her finger, but i like the way you think."

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