July 18th, 2001


Whew! It's not just me...

On Monday, my first day on this new project, I wasn't entirely sure what I was to be doing, but was quickly told to go through a list of open work orders and find ones that were unassigned and had not been active "for a while", whatever that may mean.

Yesterday, I was given different criteria for the listing I was to monitor, but wasn't told what I was monitoring for... when I tried to find out, there was no one around to ask. Eventually, I did get an e-mail requesting three work orders be transferred to a particular individual's queue... that was to be the extent of my work for the day.

Today, I finally got an answer as to what's going on... what exactly I'm supposed to be doing! An e-mail was sent out by one of my supervisors to the Powers-That-Be; it went something like this:
"It appears that the RED customers queue is up and running but we are unfamiliar with the process and (my) participation and your expectations in this.
If you possibly could outline it for us or arrange a conference call so we can all be clear on the expectations and deliverables."

The answer to what exactly I'm to be doing: No one knows!

Well, hallelujah! This means two very important things. First: I don't just have my head up my ass! Not about this, at any rate... Second: I might, might, actually get a clear definition of what I'm supposed to be doing! I'm not going to have some absent-manager-figure come into my cube and spank me for not doing my job! Well, okay, that's not entirely ruled out yet, but at least the odds seem to be in my favour.

The project started on Monday, and we still don't have a clue... I wonder if there's a management course available that teaches this kind of organizational skills.
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new year's eve

What a waste of some perfectly good oxygen...

I would have consumed far less had I simply stayed home and slept in. As far as I'm concerned, that would also have been more productive, and far more enjoyable. I mean, I interrupted a perfectly good, perfectly whacked-out dream to go into work today - and for what?

Okay, I have to admit that I did find some rather amusing writings today. Well, in truth, I found them a couple of days ago, but didn't really look around the site until today. The Misanthropic Bitch has some excellent rants! Don't like what she has to say? Write her, and allow her to retort...
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