July 20th, 2001


I can not even fathom!

While time permitted at work today (conference calls are good for this...), I was reading journals of friends of friends of friends of friends of... you get the idea, I'm sure. I happened across the journal of a "bikini, lingerie and fitness model"... Her latest entry mainly consisted of song lyrics, and had so far received 50 replies! Are all these people actually friends, even simply of the on-line variety? Or are they hormone cases, hoping for some, any, kind of contact with someone who appears to be beautiful and glamorous? Naturally, I left a message... haha. Way to go, big guy. "You've gotta be kiddin'..." it started out.

Does paranoia develop? Everyone always seems to be wanted and desired and liked for their mind, their intellect; if I remember correctly, she mentioned something along that line in her bio... I can't imagine that it's easy to be in her position. Much like having a lot of money, I would suspect. Always, people wanting to be a part of your life somehow. What do people really like you for? How long will it be until they slip - until their true motives are revealed? Are those really their motives, or has your perception been tainted by your fear?

Too much. The downside of beauty and/or wealth. Fortunately for me, I don't have either of those problems. Heh...
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This has got to be the longest afternoon in my entire existance! Journal surfing is wearing thin...
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