November 20th, 2001


Illness is bad... drugs are good... Forming a cohesive sentence is purely optional at this point.

This gum has lost all flavour, and my jaw is starting to ache. <
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This gum has lost all flavour, and my jaw is starting to ache. <<ptooi!>>

Here I have an Alberta Consumer Product Survey that I got in the mail. There are some things listed on here that I already figured most guys would not use - at least, not very often... tampons, pads, pantiliners... apparently, though, males do not have sensitive skin, or use facial cleansers or moisturizers, or even a wide variety of hair care products. Oddly enough, there's nothing on here regarding cosmetics...

Oh, look, I'm starting to float... NyQuil must be kicking in...
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new year&#39;s eve

I am a disease...

Take the Affliction Test Today!

Congratulations, you're syphilis!

Transmitted by direct contact with one of your infections (usually through
unprotected sex), you're one nasty STD!  In your initial stages, you
cause sores, usually on the genitals or in the rectum, but that's only the
delicious beginning.  Later on, you'll cause a rash, and then slip away
... but you won't be gone.  No no, my friend.  You're far too

You'll still pass yourself on to anyone the poor soul you've infected has
sex with (anal, vaginal or oral), and you'll start to erode their muscles and
nerves!  In fact, you'll eventually lead, if left untreated, to
malcoordination, blindness, paralysis, dementia and then death!

And that's not all - if you infect a pregnant women, you'll also be passed
to their child!  A single shot of penicillin will kill you, but shhhhh ..
I won't tell anyone if you won't.

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