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Diskrepansi's Journal

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Thursday, January 3rd, 2002
My name was recently used on an e-card sent to a friend of a friend. Let's just say that what was written on it was less than complimentary. Naturally, it was sent from an anonymous service instead of the "normal" method - that is, through an online journal or through e-mail. The problem with the journal method, of course, is that it will track the IP address of whoever posts a message (if it's set up to - which, in this case, it is). E-mail, naturally, would not have come from my account...

I feel badly for something that I didn't do to someone I don't really know. I feel terrible that this benevolent person has been attacked thus, and infuriated that my name was evoked to do so! Evoked by a coward who can't even stand behind his own words... (I say 'his' because the message comes across as being from a guy... I could be wrong.)

Well, coward, if you're using my name, perhaps you're reading my journal. Why not use your own name, or are you afraid that Kat will give you a verbal ass-whuppin'? Chicken shit.

current mood: angry

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