May 17th, 2002

new year's eve

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Still haven't found any decent sunglasses... I miss my old ones...I do have barbecue Crispers, tho! I know... it's not the same - these things keep stinging my eyes! You'd think someone would have complained about that by now.

Once upon a time, I looked forward go going to work. There are some days that I don't mind going to work. There are many days that I dread going to work, and require a little extra incentive to even get out of bed; I've decided to not feed the cat before bedtime - in the morning now, she gets rather assertive - meowing and headbutting - and I just wanna boot her across the room!! This, of course, requires getting out of bed. Now, before you go off sending some horrible hate-mail, you should know that she was on to my plan from the beginning, and is well out of reach in advance of my feet even touching the floor... and damn her for it, too! Nothing like a little aggressive urge in the morning... now all I need is a car, and I'll be set to inflict my jovial-ness upon the world.

I did get some black shorts the other day... I know you were prob'ly wondering about that.

Where was I going with this...? .......oh, yeah!

This morning, however, I was eager to get to work! In truth, I didn't even need my patented Pousse-Wake-Me-Up alarm system, although she still put in considerable effort just for good measure. As usual, once I got to work, the morning hours dragged on, but today that didn't matter much - more anticipation this way, you understand... the time finally arrived - time to go to our training video. It was to be held at a large theatre, as there were going to be quite a few of us watching intently. ...and finally, the title:

How To Be A Jedi: Part II

Woo HOO!! Okay, I may have changed the title a bit... but that movie rawked!! I'd pay good money to go see that in the theatre again! Hell, I'd even let work pay for me to go see it during business hours again - that's how much I liked it!! ...despite the fact that no one killed off Jar-Jar... he had a minimal part in the movie, and actually wasn't all that annoying for what parts he did have.

...and Yoda! Let me tell ya about that l'il guy... Yoda rawks! That is all...

I picked up some sandals the day after I got my new shorts... black ones, with a silver buckle!

Ah... May long weekend, my dear, sweet friend! What drunken goodness do you hold for me this year...? A weekend camping trip, you say? With lots of alcohol? Well, alright, if I must...

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