June 10th, 2002


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Y'know what's missing here? A quiz! Unfortunately, I don't have one for you today... awfully depressing, I know, but I'm certain that you'll make do without one.

This weekend was almost amazing at the Warehouse... people who haven't been out in months were there! And not just one or two... hordes of them! They claim that it wasn't all pre-arranged, but I have my suspicions. I haven't seen that place so busy in quite a while... and so many people to catch up with! I didn't have nearly enough time through the night.

...and I have got to avoid shooters!! Those things are just trouble waiting to happen...

On to today... work is so much better now - it's unfortunate that I've only got three more weeks at the HelpDesk. I found out today - through the grapevine, no less - that I'll be covering for the PC Orders desk for the first week of July. I guess that's not too bad, since it will only be for a week... but it would be nice to be told about such things directly, instead of having to rely on rumours and whispers.

I'm not really in much of a writing mood, so that is all...
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