June 24th, 2002

new year's eve

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Yay! We have a winner! Launchpad has won himself a "Spy Game" DVD! Waitaminit... didn't he win the last one too?? Oh well, no rules against that. :) ...and, on the plus side, he's local! I don't have to ship this thing anywhere... cheaper for me!

My trip to Victoria/Vancouver/Seattle is still two months away, but I'm starting to get excited about it already! That doesn't happen to me! I'm not sure what it is this time, exactly... I've been on a few trips, and I haven't felt like this until right before we leave. Perhaps the difference is that on this trip, the plan is to meet up with with people I haven't seen in ages, hang out, and prob'ly meet a bunch of new people as well. My other trips have been 'excursions', whereas this one is more of a 'rendez-vous'...

...in fact, I've already written to someone in Seattle in an effort to get more information on the local scene. I'd sent off a quick e-mail asking (mainly) about a particular club, and wasn't even sure that I'd get a response... let's face it - some anonymous guy from somewhere out in NetLand, who will prob'ly be visiting your city in a couple of months, writes to you to ask if a club is decent? If it was me, I know that I'd respond, but I'm sure that there are many, many people who wouldn't. The club I was asking about is not just a bar/nightclub - it's a private club and requires membership, or at least a member to sign ya in... not only did I get a reply, but also an offer to be signed in as a guest! How totally awesome! ...far beyond my expectations. What a sweetheart!

My time on the HelpDesk is almost over... I'm only there until this Friday. Next week, I cover the PC Orders role - but the week is only three days long - Monday's a holiday, and next Friday is a 'replacement' day for Family Day. After that, I'm back at the HelpDesk for a week, after which I go back to IMAC... I'm not looking forward to that. I've been spoiled so quickly... ah well, it pays the rent and beer.

That is all...
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