July 2nd, 2002

new year's eve

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what sexual performer are you?

you're a whore. you love sex like your
life depended on it. you're the beast of prey. your breed is fast and flashy and
your ancestors were the polyester-wearing disco-going lounge lizards of yore.
you know the classics of literary erotica and know the auteurs of quality porn.
you know the abc's of sexually transmitted disease and sexual cultural taboos
and you probably think church is some kind of marriage booth. your favorite
romantic line is, "let's breed."

you like impersonal sex and to watch yourself perform. you know a variety of
moves, all sleazy. you are in search of the perfect orgasm.

oral sex? yes, please.

sexual positions? you can teach and you like to learn.

Good Christ! Where do they get this from?? A series of five questions brought about this conclusion? That my "...drink goes with..." "anything edible" makes for an accurate representation of my sex life? This is an outrage! I have never - I repeat, never - said "let's breed" to anyone! That's just crazy! Who would go for that?? ...well, perhaps after a few drinks, and the right lead-up... hmmm........... O_o hahah!

Polyester? Disco??

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Canada Day celebrations were pretty good... we wandered in and around Eau Claire Market a while, and went through Prince's Island Park afterwards. Before going out, I was reminded to bring sunscreen (SPF45 = happy me). I also took a hat (yeah, yeah... I wore a hat...) so as not to end up as Tomato-Head. Speaking of which, rumour has it that slices of tomato are s'posed to be good for a sunburn.


In the eve, there were some fireworks over Stampede Park - unfortunately, we couldn't see them from my friend's apartment a couple of floors up. There was cause for wonder, though, when three firetrucks went zoomin' by shortly after the fireworks started, all headed in the direction of the park...

I should prob'ly get to bed... tomorrow I'm covering for the PC Orders desk at work. I don't expect that it will be very busy at all... I think a lot of people will be away this week, since we had today off, and also don't have to work on Friday. Super short week!

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Warning: mood most foul...

Work isn't all that busy today, so I'm writing most of this during spare time here and there throughout the day.

I didn't date much in high school. In fact, I only "went out" (was serious with? I really don't like dating terminology... it tends to be inconsistent and inexact) with three girls throughout my 'high school career'. I wanted to be with someone "special"; to test the waters of friendship before dating, not date to test the waters, if that makes sense. While our friendship worked well, when it came to something more, my first two girlfriends just didn't "have it". Sandra, however, definitely did! I was drawn in and captivated - she was my first love. I was amazed by her... I couldn't believe she was with me - me of all people! I remember being so happy when we got promise rings. I remember being very upset that she was going to Saskatchewan that summer, and so relieved each time we talked on the phone. I remember being elated that she was coming back - I couldn't wait! I remember the disappointment when she was too busy to do anything, and how crushed, how totally devastated, I was when we no longer talked. I remember... no resolution, no closure.

Enough reminiscing. Let's move on to this morning now, shall we?

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