July 13th, 2002


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Almost a week since my last update, and really, the last one wasn't much of anything, was it?

What Type of Villain are You?
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Okay, Freddie's kinda cool - at least he's got a cheesy sense of humour - but Michael Myers?? How boring. I suppose he did try to take people out using various methods, but there's just something to be said for the guy telling stupid jokes while he's doing it.

And Ahab? ...I have no idea - never read Moby Dick.

Surely, there must be a higher power out there somewhere... I'd hate to think that some recent events were simply the results of empty circumstance. Could it really be something less than a malicious entity that would raise my hopes with an extremely well timed twist of fate, only to destroy them with the horrible truth? I guess at the very least, I didn't embarrass myself.

I realize that's rather ambiguous, but that will just have to do for now.

Which flock do you follow?
this quiz was made by alanna

If only it were that easy.. I'd prefer to be a sheep at the moment. Sheep don't seem to worry about which field they're going to be in when they grow up, and whether the grass is greener there. I doubt that sheep look back a dozen years in their life and wonder where it all went; wonder where all the dreams disappeared to.

What other quiz can I get irritable with...?

My sphere is Soldier (Unity in Strength and Action), and my class is Arms Master (Pragmatic and Stout).

I am a Fighter.

To carry the title of "Fighter" is to carry great strength, and courage. You are a very practical person. When life offers you a challenge, you meet it head on and plow straight through it, stopping only afterwards to worry about injury and stress. These challenges that you endure may leave scars, but they will also leave you with trusted friends, and will make you all the more determined for it.

What kind of Warrior are you?

It's far too hot... I need a cool bath.
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