September 25th, 2002


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I just caught myself talking to me about what I really want to say to a prospective girlfriend... I pictured how the talk would go - what she would say and what I would say...

I've decided that I'm fucked... I want someone who's a "moderate everything". What does that mean? I want someone who likes to party, but only once, or perhaps twice a week; someone who likes fitness, but not really sports, someone (I find - I know that's subjective) mentally attractive, yet not overbearing; someone who likes reading, but not all the time; someone (I would find) physically beautiful, yet not snobbish; someone who likes computers, but who isn't obsessed; someone who likes animals, but isn't looking to save them all; there are so many things, yet all moderated... how do I find someone like this??

I know - I'm looking for my own idea of perfection, and the odds of that happening?? I really should start buying more lottery tickets...
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