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Diskrepansi's Journal

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Wednesday, November 20th, 2002
Still no DVD winner! If this isn't decided by this evening, I may just have to open it up again... I'll let ya know!

current mood: groggy

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So, I got home from work, checked my e-mail, and guess what I found?

...go ahead - guess!

.......yer not even trying......

Fine - I'll just tell you... a winner!! futtermeinego gets a(nother!) DVD!

I've noticed that there seems to have been a pattern here so far... the first two DVDs both went to one person, now the second two DVDs have both gone to another person. That can only mean one thing...! Actually, it could mean a few things... well, really, when ya think about it, it could mean a whole lotta things. ...in light of recent revelations, please disregard this entire paragraph.

I need food.

current mood: hungry

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I read this at work today:

There are 10 kinds of people in this world:  those who understand binary, and those who don't.

Of course, only the former group will find the humour in this...
It gets better... honest! How could it not??Collapse )

current mood: sarcastic

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