December 15th, 2002


Late entry...

this should have been put in last week - the 11th, to be precise. Here ya go:

Just came back froma client's desk - his laptop would not boot up, and he wanted someone to come by to give him a hand with it... turns out the guy has a seeing eye dog. After I'd gotten everything fixed up and was on my way back to the support centre, he said the common phrase, "see ya later!" This just didn't seem right, somehow...

I must remember to try to be useless this afternoon - that is, I shouldn't pick up any new calls unless I can pretty much guarantee that they'll be completed by end-of-day. I have to try to minimize the amount of carry-over from this role into my IMAC time... previous efforts to deal with this carry-over has proven to have undesirable results; mainly, that people in IMAC believe me to be late.

So, this morning I had the helpdesk team lead poke fun at me for coming in too early... I told him that this was the time I was told to come in by our manager, and to come in any later than that would constitute "being late, subject to termination." I just can't win for losing around here...

I'm cringing at going back into IMAC tomorrow... it seems that every week, there's always clean-up to be done - mainly, the 'public' desk that I use, and the product that's left lying around the room. Why do I seem to be the only one who can do this work?

This afternoon has been fairly boring - as far as work is concerned. Found out that a co-worker at another site is now a former co-worker... he would have been with the company for eight years come January. No package either, although they are "kind enough" to continue to pay him until the end of the month, due to the holiday season. Kind enough? His standard severance package would have amounted to at least 21 weeks of pay! Way to screw him out of five months' pay with a three-week "kindness".

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I got all dressed up tonight. I finally received the last part of my outfit - I'd been waiting for this whole outfit for over a year! I was simply elated to have the complete ensemble, and to be wearing it out to the bar. Picture it: tall black leather boots with straps, long black jacket (commonly mistaken for a jacket with a skirt), and a newly acquired red cummerbund. Making this properly complete was me all done up with make-up.

Picture me now: mostly out of my bar clothes, with eyeliner dribbling down my face. I'm a sobbing mess. I found out some bad - no, terrible - news about a close friend of mine. She has been coughing blood for some time now (much in the tuberculosis manner), and "modern medicine" has not been able to find out why. She refuses to tell her parents, since that would only cause concern with no apparent way to correct anything.

I don't know what to do... the only thing I seem to be able to do is weep for her, and I can't even do that in front of her. Ugh - I'm such a mess. She has such strength, and yet she sees it as such weakness... I should prob'ly mention at this point that she hates weakness, especially in herself.

Of course, the doctors have no idea what's wrong... guesswork in a white coat at its best.

Anyone in the Calgary area know of a good naturopath?
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Despite my mood, this managed to put a smile on my face...  pilfered from kaleidoscopes' journal.

This would certainly explain why my stocking was seriously lacking last year!
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