December 16th, 2002


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Okay, I know you're anxiously waiting for it, so here's my daily distress regarding work...

I was trying to assist a client today regarding corporate policy... he was wondering if there was documentation on the intranet that defined what the policies were. I was very certain that this kind of information would be available, but not sure as to where it was located; when I asked another tech about where to find this documentation, I was told that "it's not our job to provide links for people."

*blink* *blink* O_o

Despite that it's not part of our mandate, if I can help out a client with a quick answer, shouldn't I do that? It was a friggin' URL or simple directions to the links, for Chrissake!! What am I supposed to tell the client - I don't know? I can't answer that? That's not my job?? Gimme a break... just answer the damned question! I'm tellin' ya - that place finds a new way to piss me off every day. It's gotten to the point where I'm not sure whether to be annoyed or just shake my head and chuckle about it. The former is certainly more stressful, but it means that I still, at least somewhat, have care and concern about what I do.

Mmm... cantaloupe... love it, but I keep forgetting that we've got one in the fridge.

I've started reading The Fellowship of the Ring... however, doing so before going to bed just isn't working out so well for me, so I've decided to try it at work between calls. I've discovered the best way to make the phone ring is to pick up a book. At this rate, I might get done the first book by the time the third movie comes out...
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