January 27th, 2003


(no subject)

I thought for sure that I was to be relieved of my duties today. We have a contractor who works in the IMAC area on days that I'm working at the Helpdesk... today, I was not working Helpdesk, but said contractor turned up; he was wondering why he would have been told to show up today while I was still there. Would your conclusion have been different from mine?

I made sure to have 10:00 available, as that seems to be their "magic time" to let people go, for some reason. My self-appointed time came and went, and I couldn't help but notice that I had not been called to "a meeting" yet... perhaps it was to be left until the end of the day? But then why bring the contractor in for the day?

The end of the day arrived, and I left the building with neither a pink piece of paper, nor having had someone come by my desk saying, "get the fuck outta here!"

Ah well... short term goal has been partially formulated; each day now will be just one step closer. Let's see how this all unfolds, shall we?
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