February 12th, 2003

new year's eve

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Okay, as it may have been apparent from yesterday's entry, work is going well. Granted, this is only day #3 of being on the evening shift, but......... yay!!


So, after work last night, I went out for a magazine-release gathering. I was fully expecting some of the 'regular' crowd there, and was not let down when I arrived. There was, however, someone entirely unexpected sitting at the table... at first I wasn't sure I was seeing properly - perhaps this person closely resembled someone I knew long ago...? When I got to the table and saw her eyes, I knew it actually was her!

"Now, I knew you a long time ago," she started, "and I'm not sure you'll remember me..."

"Hello, M" I said.  [name withheld to protect the.... uh... semi-innocent? heheh]

I'd seen M once in the last seven years, and even that was about five years ago. She'd entered my thoughts from time to time through the years, and I'd wondered how she'd been doing, what she was up to... we hadn't known each other for all that long a time, but we just seemed to hit it off. I really enjoyed spending time with her, and I missed being around her when she left town.

We did what little we could in such short time to catch up on things, but how can two people cover so many years in an hour? We exchanged phone numbers so we can get together and talk more... I want to call her right away, but I know she's busy. She hasn't been back in town for all that long, and has much still to do to get organized.

Look at me - I'm all smiles!
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