February 18th, 2003


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Today is starting out strangely... I was supposed to go shopping for groceries this morning, and slept in a bit, but still with time available - Slaveway is right across the street, after all. However, my brother had been up later than I, and was taking advantage of the morning hours.

Cranky thoughts and dirty apartment. Dirty for me, at any rate... Perhaps I shouldn't see this place in daylight hours. I can't stand the dust and fingerprints that are showing on everything I look at. I just haven't set aside the time over the last many days to keep up with the constant company we seem to be having recently.

Fire alarm went off before I headed out to work today - got my brother up. I'm sure he would have slept through the entire thing, but what if it was an actual fire? That reminds me - I need to change my insurance over to the new apartment. {insert phone call here} Okay, that was quick...

Awfully irritable today... not sure why. Almost seems to be something in the air, as a few other people seem to be on edge as well. I think I'm starting on the cold/flu that's going around the office too. For some reason, I'm getting the impression that some people are "talking down" to me... prob'ly just my mood.

Perhaps I'm just getting "peopled out". We've had company almost every night since I've been on evenings. I think tonight will be a night for me - to get things done around the apartment that seem to have slipped.

Ah well, I should pretend to work now...
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