March 12th, 2003


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You've gotta be shitting me...

Jaime, on a scale of 1-100, your Power Quotient is 84!

Your power lies in your ability to meet people at their own level and that's how you get what you want. Others respond to you because you seem to
understand them.
But you can learn to take what you already do well and use it to be even more influential. Find out how easy it is to win people over and get what you want
out of life in your personalized Power Quotient Report for only $14.95 now.

You'll discover:
  • How to be the leader of your social circle
  • How to prevent people from taking advantage of you
  • How to negotiate any situation
  • How to command respect

Get your 10-page Power Quotient Report for only $14.95 now.

And now, when you purchase your Power Quotient Report, you'll also receive 4 weekly follow-up emails filled with personalized strategies from commanding respect to making more friends.

Are these people out of their fuckin' tree??  Like I need to spend $15 bux to find this crap out!!  I'm rather disappointed...  E-Mode used to have a lot of free quizzes - now they seem to all cost $14.95 but you get a bonus discount if you drag your friends into the mire as well!  Are people really so unaware of themselves, and so willing to pay good money to "find out", that E-Mode has enough income that they don't need to offer free tests anymore?

Perhaps as a "privileged member", those are the only tests I have available anymore.  Please - no more privileges for me!  Take me back to "peon" status!

I like chicken noodle soup.  Lipton's...  not Campbell's.

10 pages??  What kinda crap are they gonna fill that with to take up 10 pages?!
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