March 17th, 2003

new year's eve

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I love computer-talk: "This thing just dumped on me last night..."

I had to quickly press the 'mute' button when a client told me this today... bad visions of him sitting there at his desk, covered in little computer turds. That had me chuckling to myself for a good hour this afternoon...

No one at work really said much about my hair today - perhaps they're all scared... hahah - right. Actually, one of the more obnoxious people wasn't here today, so that could have been part of it. Oh yeah, I should prob'ly mention this part too - my hair is now orange-red... decided to colour it on Friday night. Bleached it first in hopes that it would help my hair retain the colour a little longer than normal - usually after a couple of weeks, it's very faded... I was platinum blonde!! I'd actually thought of just keeping it like that for a week or so, and colouring it next weekend, but... impatience won out. Perhaps next time.

Wanna see pix? ......tough. I don't have any. ;) Well, not of my orange hair, at any rate.

Two new faces! Welcome goes out to genocidex and philosophrclown!

I've known genocidex for quite a while now, but I didn't know he had a LiveJournal... or perhaps he just got it? I can't remember what he said - it was a "Saturday night discussion", if you get my drift... who pays attention to details?? Judging by the "date created" in his profile, I'd have to say he's been on LJ for about five days.

I met philosophrclown at the Warehouse last Wednesday... we got to talking, and while conversing with someone else nearby, I mentioned LJ... "You're on LiveJournal?" he asked. You're a smart reader - I'm sure you can figure the rest out on your own...

Back to the phone support calls for me...
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