March 20th, 2003


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As I go to bed, this late/early in the morning, my thoughts and tears go out to those needlessly involved in this administrative war - to the many soldiers on each side who risk their lives... and far moreso to the many civilians who are just trying to make ends meet, and yet somehow have been caught in all this shit. I can't even begin to imagine what it must be like... (as I sit here in the comfort of my apartment, typing away at my computer)

Why do people have to be so stupid? Why do egos have to run so high? Just because we don't have tails doesn't necessarily make us "apes" (thanks ICK :) ) - why must we act so??

Perhaps it does... perhaps we really don't amount to much else, on the grand scheme of things... why else would a society allow such a person to rise into power, and follow his word?

Now, I'm not suggesting that all Americans agree with what's happening, but y'know what? This is their government. That does make it their responsibility to say/do something about it. As a national of another country, my opinion doesn't seem to count - at all. I really wish it did... then again, it seems that a lot of American opinions are being cast aside as well. Perhaps I shouldn't feel so bad...

I so need sleep.
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