April 17th, 2003


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Due to a 'minor' error with my credit card, I effectively had to pay the value of rent twice this month. Strangely enough, this seems to have left me a little shy on the 'cash front' until next payday. I decided to go out for a while last night anyway, and was pleasantly surprised with the evening's events... people were very kind, and suffice it to say that I went home rather tipsy.

While playing pool, a friend told me that he wished he could be me for a week. "Just think of all the women I could sleep with," he said. Now there's a worthy goal... ;) I told him he'd better wish to be someone else for a week then... "I haven't had a girlfriend in... I don't even remember how long," I told him.

While I went about my game, he continued the discussion with another guy that was hanging around the table. Why this would be a topic for discussion, I don't understand. They were nearby and talking loud enough that overhearing them was inevitable. They both agreed that I ignore any advances that are made, and neither of them could understand why...

It's funny how people's views about you can be so different than your own. I don't see these 'advances' that they were referring to - I'm not so sure they really exist. Well, not to the extent that they were talking about, at any rate. Am I really so disinterested "that way" in most people that I am actually ignoring these things, and not even realizing it? I am interested in a long-term, 'serious' relationship, but does that mean that I'm blinded to anything that doesn't qualify?

...and why is this question plaguing me so? I guess I'd like to think that I know myself; that I'm aware of things that go on in my own life. However, this is not the first time that a comment like this has been made. It bothers me that I could be so oblivious to something that seems to be so apparent to another.
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