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Diskrepansi's Journal

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Monday, April 28th, 2003
Okay, so when the only other remaining tech here went home, I was on the phone, but there was no one else in the queue. Within two fookin' minutes of his leaving, there were five calls in the queue!! How do they know? How do they know?!

"I've been on hold for about 45 minutes!" - we have a "readerboard" that tells us how many people are in the queue, and how long the first one's been on hold... and may I say - "LIAR!! LIAR LIAR LIAR!!"

I've now been tied up with this person for 47 minutes... and I have four people waiting in the queue... he's officially become the exact jerk that he was complaining about.

[insert time lapse here]

63 minutes... 63 minutes!! Ohhhh... how entertained you would have been if I'd had a webcam up 'n' running! "Dammit, why are you so busy?? By the way, I'm gonna tie up an hour of your time! Mwahahahahahaaaaa...."

Grrr... give me no-ringy, or give me death!!


Hrm. Shoulda thought of that earlier.

[another time lapse]

...guess who just called in again...?? I guess he didn't feel that he's used up enough of my time today - he decided to spend another seven lovely minutes not listening to me...

current mood: grumpy

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